Our Mission


Pure’s Mission is to create a more environmentally conscious and active society. We empower consumers with knowledge designed to maintain and improve nature in all its glory.

Empowering You

We make the decision process for sustainable outdoor gear easy. Hours of research and field testing goes into the products we post on our gear guide, allowing us to confidently certify them as Pure. This ensures the purchase of these products are good for you, and the environment. The work we put in on our side is free of charge. All we ask for is your support as we stand up together and fight to save our environment! Let’s change the outdoor/active lifestyle industry for the better.


Our Goal

Pure’s goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to make a difference in the active lifestyle industry and give back to the environment! By purchasing products that are environmentally sustainable and transparent, we will be driving revenue away from harmful brands and into companies striving to make a difference. This trend will be felt by the industry, forcing them to make the switch towards sustainability.

Three Pillars

Every product listed on our site meets the 3 pillar requirement for:


We only review gear with earth-friendly materials and production processes. This requires hours of research into products/brands to ensure we’re driving revenue into companies that put our planet over profits!


Our team field-tests gear to highlight product features/functions we enjoy. If gear fails to perform as expected or malfunctions in the outdoors, it doesn’t make it to the site.


Through online research and examination after performance testing, our team approves gear for its ability to last the sands of time.