Eco-Friendly Guide to Reusing Glass Bottles

Kali Strawn / PURE Certified

Reusing products is an essential step in reducing the amount of waste that enters landfills every year.


You don’t have to be an ultra crafty person to reuse basic household items and keep them out of the trash. Here is a step by step guide on how to turn an old bottle into a flower vase using everyday household items and no harsh chemicals.


These tips can be used for any glass container that you’d like to reuse so go crazy with it and turn your trash into a treasure!


Step 1:

Start with a glass bottle of any sort. I’m using an empty olive oil bottle for the cute green glass!



Step 2:

Get this little plastic monster out of here. It should pop off pretty easily with a butter knife.



Step 3:

Remove the labels from the bottle. The best way to do this without harsh chemicals is to use a hairdryer on the label for about 45 seconds to loosen the glue. Start peeling the label from the corner and it should come right off. (If you have 12 hours to spare you can also put the bottle in the freezer. The glue will harden and become easier to peel off with less residue.)



Step 4:

Remove the glue and paper scraps from the bottle.



To remove the glue you need to have an olive oil inception moment and dab a couple drops of olive oil onto the sticky sections. Rub in the olive oil and let it sit for a minute before scrubbing it off with the scratchy side of a sponge.





Step 5:

Remove the tamper evident band with a butter knife. It may take a bit of muscle, but I believe you can do it. WARNING: avoid being like me and dropping this part down the garbage disposal, so you don’t have to endure the terrifying moment of putting your hand down into the slimy death trap to retrieve it.





Step 6:

Rinse and put some gorgeous flowers in there! Way to go you eco-friendly DIY minimalist you!





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