The Last Straw: buyers guide to sustainable straws

Murray White / PURE Certified

A guide to finding your perfect straw.


Every day you see a social media post, article, or online ad about a new style or brand of eco-friendly straw.


In a marketplace cluttered with greenwash, how do you find a sustainable straw that’s right for you?


I purchased and tested the three most popular straws alternatives to help you answer that question.


METAL: Sipwell

Best Uses:
-Reusable plastic, metal, or rubber cups
-Cold drinks

If you have clumsy or destructive habits, this is the straw for you. The durability of metal allows you to throw them in your daypack or purse without hesitation.


(Helpful Hints): Straws don’t cool drinks! Just as sipping piping hot coffee can sizzle your lips and tongue when you aren’t careful, metal straws can do the same when placed into hot drinks!


Paper: Aardvark

-No cleaning
Best Use:
-One timer
-Restaurants and Bars

Too lazy to be cleaning straws? Keep a handful of these in your bag. Paper straws are great for one-time use, just be sure to toss them into the recycling bin once you’re finished.


(Helpful Hints): Not for slow drinkers or fiddlers. Submerge for more than 120 minutes or consistently bite/bend and the straw will break down.



Bamboo: Bamboo Roots

Best Use:
-Cold/Hot drinks
-reusable cups, glasses, mugs

Too lazy to clean the smoothie caked straw forgotten in your car? Bamboo straws are a biodegradable alternative you won’t feel bad about throwing out (compost please). Cleaning them takes the same effort as metal, but throwing them away creates a smaller carbon footprint.


(Helpful Hints): Run the straw through (or sip and spit) water on its first use. Loose specs of bamboo could still be hanging around on the inside.


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This should help you put down the plastic and pick up a sustainable alternative. Please leave a comment if you found this helpful, or let us know if there’re other alternatives we need to try.



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