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Murray White / PURE Certified

For the first journal, I figured it’d be best to tell you what Pure is, and why it will be so important to you. Before I can do that, I first must tell you who we are.


We are your everyday surfers, backpackers, campers, climbers, divers, and everyone in between that’s been reaping the benefits of nature since we discovered the joy it brings to our lives. Like you, we deal with the everyday setbacks of these sports and activities. To put that into perspective, let’s imagine you just got out of the water from your favorite surf spot and forgot to throw your wet board shorts in the truck before driving home. Poof! There go your $70 hyper-flex surf shorts.


All good though, you made someone else’s day and now get to splurge on a new pair of shorts. You begin your journey for new shorts and become overwhelmed by all the clutter in the surf industry. Should you go with the Hurley phantoms or the Quicksilver scallops? Which has more stretch? Are lighter? Dry faster? WAIT, which is better for the environment? In an industry that interacts directly with nature in every way shape and form, it is sad to see the lack of effort put into sustaining the very thing that allowed active lifestyle brands to flourish, OUR ENVIRONMENT. Nature is beautiful, so why are those who profit from it disinterested in keeping it that way?


Let’s say you do care about the environment more than the average joe, so you start looking for environmentally friendly shorts to buy. This becomes a major hesitation because you are now entering a market sector you’ve never stepped foot in. Does being environmentally sustainable affect the quality? Will they live up to my performance requirements? How do I know I am not wasting my money on a pair of shorts that won’t do their job?


That’s Where Pure Comes In.


We’ve already battle tested those environmentally sustainable shorts in and out of the water; certified them for quality, sustainability and performance. All done in efforts to empower you in your purchase decision, ensuring you are fitted in the right gear for every situation. You end up happy, as does mother nature.




To set things straight, we are not against the leading industry companies and corporations of active lifestyle brands. Patagonia, for example, has already taken considerable steps in becoming environmentally sustainable and transparent. We want these brands to thrive, grow, and continue sponsoring our favorite athletes. But we NEED them to do this with environmentally sustainable practices.


This push towards environmental sustainability will only be accomplished by the combined power of you and I. As the target consumers, we have the ability to create market trends and support the brands that are making a difference. Forcing companies to sink in their toxic products, or swim in a clean and Pure environment.

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