Columbia Titanium Eco-Jacket

PURE Certified

Love your jacket, love your planet. Columbia’s Titanium Eco-Extreme Rain Shell was developed for the environmentally conscious adventurer. It is stylish, functional, and built to last.

Overall Review

This jacket lives up to the hype. The materials used are 100% recycled and performance driven. It kept us protected in the midst of pouring Seattle rain and gusty San Francisco wind all while keeping harmful PFC’s out of our environment. The sleek design gave us enough play to layer up for the colder days, and its eco-membrane is an absolute barricade to unwanted stains. If you are looking for a stand out rain jacket for your next adventure or upcoming rainy season, the OutDry Eco-Extreme Rain Shell is the perfect choice for you, and the environment!

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PFC Free!



NO PFC’s! Perfluorinated chemicals (PFC’s) are the industry leading component in durable water resistant (DWR) treatment for your favorite waterproof jacket, sleeping bag, pants, etc. These PFC’s break off from your gear and fall into the environment you interact with. PFC’s are highly resistant to the forces of nature, allowing plants and animals to directly interact with them causing immune system, organ, and developmental issues. Columbia ditched the need for PFC’s and produced the Extreme Eco Rain Shell with an eco membrane and 100% recycled materials to keep the elements out. The fabric is dye free, which saves approximately 13 gallons of water compared to your standard dyed jacket. Literally everything down to the label, tags, zipper pulls, and eyelets are sourced from recycled materials.


OutPerform your Expectations



OutDry will OutPerform your expectations. We put this jacket to the test in two of the most weather temperamental cities the west coast has to offer.


With over 152 rainy days a year and a reputation for being the wettest city on the west coast, we tested the OutDry Eco Extreme Jacket in Seattle, WA during the month of November. A total of 4 days was spent wearing the jacket in various locations in and around the city. The rainfall alternated from moderate to heavy. The jacket had no issues bouncing and beading up the rain just as it’s PFC counter-part would. We stayed bone dry and thoroughly impressed with its performance in the rain.


If anyone knows San Francisco and its companion Karl (the fog), they know how blistery the winds can get along Outside Lands and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. We took the Eco Extreme to the highest peak possible with wind gusts ranging from 15-35 mph to see how it would fare. With our backs to the wind and no layers under the rain shell, the jacket held up to the test and kept the wind at bay. We couldn’t feel the wind, but certainly heard it whizzing around our protected upper bodies.


The Eco Extreme Rain Shell is extremely light-weight and compressible, which makes it the perfect choice for those on/off days. There is also plenty of room for layering up in the cold. We had Patagonia’s micro-puff jacket underneath the Eco-Extreme in Seattle which kept us nice and toasty during 40-60 degree weather. The large front pockets on the jacket make accessibility to wallets/gadgets easy and efficient.


Built to Last


Don’t be fooled by it’s bright white appearance, this jacket is the shamwow of rain shells. We rubbed it against tree bark, dirty public transport and whiteboards filled with expo pen writing. Heck, we even squirted a table spoon of ketchup on it. With one simple swipe the mess was off, leaving it stainless. Thanks to Columbia’s new eco-membrane technology, there is no PFC wash- off, meaning your jacket stays waterproof season after season after…you get the picture. The 100% recycled materials are sturdy and functional, no cheap plastic materials here, ensuring your zipper stays zipped and hoodie stays fit.


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