Lib Tech Skate Banana

PURE Certified

Quiver killer. The Skate Banana is perfect for someone looking to get the most mountain out of their board purchase.

Overall Review:

More of a BEAST than banana. This board is the handy-man you wish you had. It dominates from the terrain park to double black diamonds. The technology implemented on the Skate Banana gives it the perfect balance between edge hold on steeper runs and forgiveness in the park. All of Lib Tech’s boards are manufactured in the Mervin Made factory where sustainability meets performance and design. From beginner to expert, imagine how much faster you will fly down the mountain when the guilt of riding an environmentally destructive board has been lifted.

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While tearing down your favorite run, have you ever stopped to wallow in guilt? Probably not, because you’ve never put any thought into the environmental impact hidden behind your board.



The industry standard for manufacturing snowboards is completely unsustainable. Wood scrap gets thrown away by the metric ton, and forests get clear-cut just for your fun. Plastic never dies and can be found on your snowboard’s sidewalls, base, and graphics. Every ding, dent, chip, scuff, and crack on your board, results in the depositing of plastic into the environment. As for the manufacturing process, ink-based graphic printing results in a waste of plastic that cannot be recycled due to its toxins. These plastic scraps are sent to landfills and enter their 1000 year decomposing process. Odds are you didn’t read this in the middle of your run, so instead of wallowing in guilt, you can support a company working to make a difference.


This Skate Banana, like all of Lib Tech‘s boards, are manufactured in the world’s most environmentally conscious snowboard factory. The Mervin Made factory prides itself on being “environMENTAL” and challenges the industry standards of snowboard manufacturing and performance.


Let’s get started at the core. The Skate Banana’s wood comes from FSC certified trees, meaning they are fast-growing and sustainable. The Mervin Made factory uses a finger joining process that ensures the least amount of trees are wasted by combing “throw away” pieces to make a usable core. Leftover wood dust is recycled into soil additive and the unusable scraps are donated for kindling.


The sidewalls are derived from a soy-based elastomer instead of the industry standard ABS; meaning the loss of some sidewall on those rockier runs won’t damage the surrounding environment come summertime. All of Lib-Tech’s snowboards use castor beans instead of plastic. This magical fruit provides an eco-alternative to the plastic that clogs landfills worldwide. The graphics are mounted with an eco-sub printing process that deviates from toxins, allowing Mervin Made to recycle all plastic scraps. Check out Mervin Made’s environMENTAL video for a first-hand look at their factory and manufacturing process.


Magical Fruit.


The Skate Banana was taken on test drives at Mt. Rose and North Star in the Sierra Nevadas. Conditions varied from groomers to packed powder on tree runs. The board size was 156 with Burton Malativas mounted at +13/-9.


This board is a beast. It provides plenty of pop for being a medium/soft flex, allowing you to get the most out of natural features. The edge hold is solid thanks to its Magne-Traction Technology, giving its rails a serrated knife look. We had no problem slamming on the breaks during steeper runs and finessing twists and turns in the trees.



The Skate Banana really comes alive in the terrain park. We braced for impact on multiple sketchy landings but found ourselves riding out of them thanks to the forgiveness of its unique camber and rocker. This makes it an ideal board for any rider who faces the anxiety of catching edge on their 180’s, 360’s, 540’s etc.


Its freestyle design will probably prohibit you from setting any land-speed records, but do expect to butter and press down the slopes with style and ease.


The Skate Banana is an ideal weapon for anyone’s quiver, beginner to expert. If you are looking for an all-terrain freestyle board that exceeded our expectations in and out of the park, this is the board for you.


This Banana Doesn’t Go Bad



The wood joining process on the Skate Banana makes the core stronger than stand-alone pieces, with the added benefit of more pop. All Lib Tech boards are built in the United States and come with the name of the handler who crafted it.


-Core: Aspen Gold Columbian Wood
-Glass: Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax Fiber
-Top: Eco-Sublimated Poly
-Base: TNT
-Birch Internal Sidewalls
-UWMW Sintered Sidewalls
-UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection




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