Manda Organic Sun Paste

PURE Certified

There is nothing better than a day at the beach. Manda knows this and developed a sustainable sunscreen so pure you can almost eat it. This sun paste has a tight grip that protects and rejuvenates your skin, all while keeping our reefs safe.

Overall Review

We loved testing this product and will continue to use it whenever San Francisco grants us the sunshine needed to do so. We would recommend it to any beach-goer/outdoor enthusiast looking to get the most out of their sun-protection purchase. Keep in mind it’s only for the face, and that a little goes a long way when applying. There is no need for a heaping handful to cover the length of your face, just a pinky-full or so will do the job, which makes it an awesome bang-for-buck buy. We are hoping to see this product prosper and pave a path for other leading sun protection brands to follow.

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Protecting our Reefs!



We all love the beach on a sunny day and we know how important it is to lather up in sunscreen before exposing our skin to that hot fiery ball in the sky. What many of us don’t know, is that the sunscreen we wear into the ocean washes off and becomes hazardous to our coral reefs. Chemicals like Oxybenzone, found in most brands of sunscreen destroy our underwater ecosystems through a process known as coral bleaching. 8 million lbs of sunscreen washes off ocean-goers every year, putting an estimated 10% of the world’s coral reefs at risk for bleaching according to Manda.


This unseen coral killer is the driving force behind the organic sun paste, Manda. A product made of natural ingredients that not only protects you from the sun but also moisturizes and brightens your skin!




After multiple waves on the head and ducking-diving an uncountable number of times, Manda held true to its word and stayed on our face with no need to re-apply during our surf sessions or there afterward on the beach.

In fact, it stuck so well that the removal process was a bit of a learning curve. We’d recommend using a clean beach towel to get the majority of the paste off, accompanied by a nice facial scrub in the shower.


As for sun protection, we were successful in keeping our San Franciscan complexion after the time spent in the sun. We did a close examination of our faces after each day of testing and we were unable to detect any sun damage.


We would like to point out though, that touching your face while wearing the product can be an issue. If you find yourself unconsciously wiping/feeling your face, the sun paste may end up on your hands and clothes.


Organic Ingredients


The ingredients that make up this product are of utmost quality. All but one of the ingredients in the sun paste are organic and food grade. Each ingredient has a unique part to play in the protection and revitalization of your skin.



✓ Thanka (moisturizer/antioxidant)

✓ Organic Coconut oil (SPF/Vitamin E)

✓ Organic Bees wax (keeps the sunscreen on your skin)

✓ Organic Shea Butter (anti-wrinkle/SPF)

✓ Organic Cocoa Butter (hydration/Vitamin E)

✓ Organic Cacao Powder (cellular healing/vitamins)

✓ Organic Cinnamon Oil (anti-inflammatory/improve complexion/UVA-UVB filters)

✓ Non-Nano-Zinc Oxide (UVA/UVB protection)

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