Matunas Eco-Surf Wax

PURE Certified

If you are on the hunt for a bar of wax that’s good for you and the environment, look no further. We still have this wax on our boards and intend to use it from here on out.

Overall Review

Matunas wax holds true. It forms great bumps, and kept our feet stuck to the board all session long. The feel is identical to industry leading brands, if not, better. Keep in mind that this is the cold water formula, and was tested in temperatures ranging from 55-60ºF.

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Ocean-Friendly Wax


Every day thousands of surfers unconsciously wax up their sticks with non biodegradable petrochemicals. Not only are we accidentally depositing chemicals into the ocean when we surf, we are also supporting harmful and unsustainable manufacturing processes.




Sticks Like Bindings



A fresh and hearty coat of Matunas was lathered onto our boards. We put the wax through more than 10 surf sessions before determining the verdict. We used the cold water formula with ocean temperatures ranging between 55-60ºF. All of the doubts we had in mind about an organic bar of wax went out the door after our first surf at Ocean Beach. This product is great! The bumps formed were solid and kept our feet glued to our boards throughout all the sessions. We are confident that the performance criteria of this wax met/exceeds that of popular brands we’ve been using all our lives.


Organic Ingredients


The ingredients put into this surf wax are naturally grown and sourced on a local farm in Santa Cruz, CA. The wax gets its scent from real strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine flowers. All bars are tested for quality and live up to the hype.

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