Nomadic Boardshorts

PURE Certified

  • 100% recycled polyester
  • No DWR treatment

  • Maneuvers with the body while surfing
  • Durable material, “its like you know they are quality”
  • Great for travel
  • Limited Stretch
  • Require longer drying time

  • 20+ trips in the ocean they still perform like new
  • “Feels indestructible in and out of the water”

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Boardshorts aren’t designed to be eco-friendly.


Their stretchy/quick-drying materials come from raw polyester and nylon. The production of these fabrics accounts for an estimated 2.9 billion gallons of oil each year. Not to mention a production process that releases methane gas into our atmosphere (310x worse than Co2).


Outerknown addresses this issue with the Nomadic boardshorts, comprised of 100% recycled polyester.


“Everything you wear has an impact”.
Outerknown functions around this code of conduct, and provides a full list of suppliers to prove it. This transparency is a key element in their design; allowing not only the company to run its checks and balances, but the public as well. Kudos!



In the surf
The Nomadic’s above the knee designed makes up for its limited stretch while surfing. Typically, our team enjoys stretchier boardshorts that allow free range of motion to ensures we don’t catch at the knees while standing up, or restrict our legs during turns/stalls. The shorts sit above the knees, relieving catch when standing up, and the modest stretch allows them to maneuver with your body on turns. If you don’t like the stretch factor, you’ll love these boardshorts. However, our team would’ve liked to see more pull.



After a few surf sessions, we noticed wax rubbing off onto the back of the shorts. Tossing them into the washer got rid of it, though we’d recommend going with a different color to make the wax less noticeable (if this is a concern to you).


On the beach
The boardshorts material gives them a durable feel that’s hard to describe, “its like you know they are quality”. This durable feel comes with one drawback, they love to soak up water. The Nomadics don’t come with a hazardous DWR coating (most boardshorts do), meaning there’s nothing to stop water from infiltrating the fabric. This causes them to gain weight and require more drying time after being soaked. A minor set back compared to the damage DWR inflicts on our environment!


On land
The Nomadic’s ability to go from ocean performance to concrete cruising makes them a versatile weapon for traveling. The durable material, casual style, and deep pocket (fits an iPhone 7 & some) result in awesome walking shorts. We love wearing the Nomadic’s on long days that end with a dip in the ocean.


100% recycled polyester that feels indestructible in and out of the water. After our teams 20+ trips in the ocean and countless hours baking in the sun, the shorts still perform like new.


Although unexpected, if they do get damaged, please use our Repair Guide to fix them! Don’t let your clothing end up in landfills!


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