Patagonia Arbor Pack (25L)

PURE Certified

Patagonia’s Arbor Classic Pack (25L)



+ 100% Recycled Polyester

– DWR treatment


+ Bucket-sized compartment

+ Travel ready

+ Comfortable

– Not waterproof


+ Over 80 days of testing

+ Scuff/Blemish resistent


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Comfy on the conscience

-100% recycled Polyester


Nylon and Polyester are two of the most common fabrics used by backpack manufacturers. These materials are produced from non-biodegradable petrochemicals that invade landfills and wreak havoc during production.


The Nylon manufacturing process produces nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 310x more potent than carbon dioxide, and polyester requires 70 million barrels of oil each year to produce.



Arbor Alley

Patagonia developed the Arbor Classic Pack from 100% recycled polyester to shine a light on a solution.


Patagonia’s recycled polyester comes from its Japanese textile partner, Teijin Frontier. Through their Eco Circle Fibers production, Teijin can break down plastic bottles into polyester with the same qualities and performance of the virgin polyester derived from oil.


Patagonia coated the pack with both polyurethane and a DWR treatment to help with weather resistance. These are two substances that we’d like to see Patagonia substitute for a more environmentally conscious option. Read about their disclosure and acknowledgment here.


The Arbor pack was tested for 80+ days on mild hikes, walkabouts, 11 day trip to Seoul, and commutes to work around the Pacific Northwest.


Load size

The Arbor Daily Pack can continuously expand in an almost magical way. We found ourselves continually experimenting with its limits; loading it up with groceries, gear, beers, and layers of jackets. The ability to hold so much comes from its design. The synch cord expands the mouth of the pack to allow optimal stuffing and the fold down top ensures nothing slips out. Our team never ran out of space when packing the bag for daily walkabouts or commutes to work.




The shoulder straps and back support are simple, yet effective. We felt no back/shoulder pain during or after 3+ mile walks filled with roughly 10 lbs of gear and groceries.




The easy access to laptops, various compartments for sleeping collateral, and bucket-style main compartment made the Arbor pack Murray’s best friend on his 28-hour/4-airport journey to Seoul. The handles on the top and bottom of the bag give it functionality for moving in tight spaces and keeping it off dirty floors.




  • Hidden pocket for stashing the goods
  • A 15-inch laptop sleeve we wish was a bit larger (tight fitting for thicker laptops)
  • Secure clips to lock down your daily load


We’ve carried, tossed, and stomped on this pack around city streets, office buildings, and airports. It eats the beatings up like nothing, and show resilience to stains and blemishes. It isn’t waterproof but can handle sprints through downpours in PNW rain, protecting our gear from the elements.


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