Patagonia Silent Down (Shirt)

PURE Certified

Patagonia’s Silent Down Shirt



+ 70% Recycled Polyester

+ Upcycled Feathers

– DWR treatment


+ Warm

+ Compressible

+ Lightweight

– Not waterproof


+ Over 80 days of testing

+ Built for adventure


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The Down

-Upcycled feathers


Patagonia partnered with a European supplier to create a 700-fill power down jacket out of upcycled goose feathers. This process is known as “couchée”; garment workers receive recycled down products, “pluck” them open, and extract the feathers. Once cleaned, they’re tested by the supplier to meet the quality of virgin feathers.


Not only does this process decrease the demand for geese livestock and the butterfly effects of animal cruelty, but it also ensures we keep clothing/bedding out of landfills!


In 2013, 12 million tons of clothing and textiles reached American landfills according to the EPA. When these clothes begin to decompose, it releases methane and carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, pressing the gas on global warming.


Silent Down Shell


The Outer Lining/Shell
-70% recycled polyester.


Patagonia’s recycled polyester comes from its Japanese textile partner, Teijin Frontier. Through their Eco Circle Fibers production, Teijin can break down plastic bottles into polyester with the same qualities and performance of the virgin polyester derived from oil.


Patagonia coats the Silent Down with a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment. Sadly, the chemicals from DWR eventually wash-off and negatively affect our environment. Patagonia is entirely transparent about their use of DWR and is investing in an alternative we look forward to seeing…


The Silent Down Shirt Jacket


Silent Down Streets


Performance testing took place in the city streets, suburbs, and nearby mountains of Seattle. Our team wore the jacket for 80+ days during the months of October-December with temperatures fluctuating from 30-60 degrees, and weather varying from rain, sun, and snow.



A jacket’s core value proposition is to keep you warm, and the silent down delivers on this front. In temperatures ranging above 45 degrees, our team didn’t sense the need for layering. The jacket transforms into a toaster once your body gets moving, so its safe to say we had no problems staying warm on walkabouts and adventures around the city. Gusty conditions at waterfronts were met by the jacket’s ability to block out wind, keeping our bodies free of any draft. Keep in mind that this down is not waterproof. On rainy days, we paired it with the Columbia OutDry Extreme shell.


700-fill power insulation means that the down feathers are compressed tight enough to trap more heat with less puff, making the Silent Down lightweight (20.8 oz), and compressible for packing. The jacket folds up and stores away in a backpack with ease, leaving more room than you’d expect. The packability made it an ideal choice on days that are cold in the morning/evenings but heat up around mid-day.


Read this article by Ken Knapp to learn more about down and fill power



  • Buttons are used to make the jacket look more sleek and stylish, eluding the need for a clunky zipper. They snapped on and off with strength and upheld their integrity after hundreds of fastenings.
  • The sleeves can roll up and free the arms when you want a cool down.
  • Deep pockets are fitting for hand warmth, which doubles as an extra storage unit for gadgets.


To prolong the lifetime of this jacket, we wouldn’t recommend bringing it on any “roughing it” camping trips. Its outer shell simply isn’t built for bouncing off harsh elements.


However, the Silent Down did secured its place for adventures that take place within the boundaries of civilization. We would recommend it for traveling, mild camping, road trips to the ski resort, and exploring the outdoors from cities to country sides. Its versatility, design, and eco-mindedness make it a great piece of gear for the collection.



Silent Down Close Up



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