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Z-Shoes are the comfortable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable option for your feet’s downtime between snow shoes and surf booties.

Overall Review

We wore the “Great White” men’s Z-Shoes every day for two months and counting. Made from 100% organic cotton and natural rubber found in Peru’s Amazon, these shoes went on adventures through sand, dirt, snow, you name it. They are casual shoes that kept our feet comfortable through the daily walks of life, from city streets to 18 holes on a golf course and beyond. Z-Shoes stayed clean despite the many adventures and elements they trekked through. These shoes are a superior alternative to the industry standard walking shoe across the categories of sustainability, performance, and quality. Check out our full review below to find out why.

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Walk Naturally



Look at your shoes. Odds are they’re made of leather, fabric, rubber, or a combination. These materials damage our environment if not sustainably sourced (most aren’t).


Here’s how:


Leather uses harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, dyes, and finishes during manufacturing. Artificial leather is made from polyester and polyurethane, which also require harmful chemicals to manufacture. After production, these chemicals often find their way into our oceans and ecosystems.

Synthetic rubber is derived from oil, which is linked to some of the most tragic environmental disasters to date.

Many fabrics are derived from cotton, one the world’s most chemically dependent crops. It accounts for 2.4% of the world’s cropland but consumes 10% of the world’s agricultural chemicals. These chemicals wash off crops and find their way into local rivers, streams, and oceans.


Enter Z-Shoes:


An everyday shoe that doesn’t leave an environmental footprint. Z-Shoes use natural rubber and organic fabric found only in Peru’s Amazon. The rubber comes from an indigenous tribe that gathers latex without harming tree growth. This allows one tree to produce latex for its lifetime.

The fabric is 100% organic cotton, sustainably harvested by small farms in Peru. Z-Shoes cotton is USDA organic certified and colored with 100% organic plant dyes. No toxic chemicals here!


Happy Feet, Happy Planet



We’ve worn these shoes every day for the past two months from the steep streets of San Francisco to the sandy islands of Hawaii. This includes 18 holes on a golf course, a two-mile hike in Hawaii, offices, parks, and (too many) bars.

The traction that comes from the zig-zag design allowed these shoes to hold true on all tested surfaces. On the Pali Puka hike in Hawaii, Z-Shoes locked onto the dirt, rocks, tree roots, and grass like glue during elevation and descent, keeping us from sliding off the trail to our doom. They also held true when walking up and down the streets of San Francisco in the rains of March.

Our feet stayed comfy and supported during everyday activities. They handled very well on the 18 holes but did cause a little discomfort towards the end of the hike due to all the uneven terrain. This discomfort stemmed from Z-shoes design as a walking shoe, the constant barrage of random rocks and roots caused our feet to flex in uncomfortable ways. Keep in mind of course, that these are NOT HIKING SHOES. We just felt it would be fun to test them outside of their prescribed environment to see how they would handle the beating. No discomfort or foot pain was felt during everyday walks, commutes, outings, etc.


Clean Freaks


These shoes were never cleaned, though this may be hard to believe. A total of 70+ days revealed just how persistent Z-Shoes are at deterring the elements. They got stomped on in bars, walked through fields of wet grass, up dirt trails, and more while only revealing minor scuffs and a tad of dirt on the bottom half of the sole. This might have to do with the organic cotton and dyes of the fabric, though we are not entirely sure. What we do know is that they’re tough on stains and stay in tack no matter the elements.


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